Phrag besseae '#101'

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Again, a first bloom from OZ, forget the cross. This is the 4th flower on this spike.

NS: 9.1cm


I'm still a little slow. Does that mean they counted the plants and numbered each one? HOw many did you purchase of this clone then? How many is it typical to purchase and how does one go about getting in on the OZ action?!?
I have about 150 plants of the latest batch of besseaes from the orchid zone, all different crosses. I just numbered them from 1-150. I did pull a few and give them more distinct clonal names, like the BBC #2 that i posted in the other thread, since i really liked that one. BBC because it came frmo Big Bob x Colossal.

I'm not sure what the order procedure is for OZ, rob, littlefrog would know, i think it's 1000$ or something like that.
150!!!???!!! Aiee Caramba! :crazy: I won't ask how much that worked out to per plant. Well any time you want to get rid of the inferior ones cheap let me know. PS. the other one, BBC#2 is juicy!
Awesome... I really like this one :) I like the fact that the petals are big and wide, but the overall effect isn't round and stubby.

Lien, I hate to be a bother but I'm curious. You say latest batch of besseaes, when did you get them and what size, may I ask. Also does OZ only let them out at a certain size or time? Lastly, what percentage f the group is in bloom now? Thank you, any info is appreciated.
OOH! I know! I got a couple from Heather. John Chant has a lot of these on his eBay site, but they are all very orange or peach to me. Is there anyone who has really red ones that anyone knows? Also anyone who has mature flavum ones. I lost my bid on the one the Chant had on eBay by many dollar$.