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Phal seedling blowout

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Jun 9, 2006
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Mid Michigan
OK, here's the deal. I have lots of flats of phal seedlings that need potting out in a month or so. They'll probably go into 5" pots. I don't really need all of them, and quite frankly i don't know if I have space for them anyway. Most are quite husky plants, and I'm confident any of these will be giving you nice flowers next spring (some are blooming in the flats). Bulk discounts!

1 plant - $7.00
5 plants - $6.00/ea
10 plants - $5.00/ea
25+ plants - $3.50/ea

6 dollars shipping on any number of plants, USA only. That is bare root, folks. The reason I'm doing this is so I don't have to pot... I'll pot them if you really want, but I'd have to charge for it.

These are the crosses - you can select, or just tell me to pick them out for you if you want. Or both. First come, first serve!


Dtps Rong Guan Mini x Dtps. Fureshing Pretty "Lover" AM/AOS
- A pink multifloral x A floriferous, heavily pink/purple marked flower

Phal. Sogo Romans x Phal. Tiny Berries
- Another multifloral cross (white with pink blushes, mostly)

Phal Tiny Berries x Sogo Romans
- Reciprocal cross ov above

Phal. Bedford Innocence 'Bedford Beauty' x Kaala Snow 'Bedford'
- White multifloral x standard white

Phal. Sogo Buddha 'T.B.' x Phal Patricia DeVol Haynes 'Bedford'
- Should be an interesting cross with good substance

Phal Taisuco Verve 'Bedford' x Dtps. Summerfield Rose 'Pink Cascade'
- Pink with markings, probably

Phal. Tinny Gladgirl 'Bedford' x sib 'Bedford Beauty'
- I'm not sure... Nice enough to warrant a sib cross, though.

Dtps. Wedding in White 'Huei Fong' x Phal. Luchia Stripes 'Bedford'
- White multifloral x Pink spot/stripe

Phal. Ho's French Fantasia x Dtps. Hinarose
- I don't recognize either parent, not sure what this will do

Phal. Aukland Sentra 'Ching Her' x Sogo Thomas 'Bedford Gold'
- Dark maroon spots on yellow background, very round, with heavy substance (the flower I've seen, anyway).

Phal. Timothy Christopher x Phal. Luchia Stripes 'Bedford'
- Multifloral x spot/stripe (has bloomed out both spot and stripe)

Phal. Sogo Buddha 'TB' x Dtps. Brother Wickford 'Bedford Beauty'
- Sounds interesting. Second parent is multifloral

Dtps. Mount Lip x Taisuco Peace 'Barbara' HCC/AOS
- Two white with pink blush crossed together

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