Phal Hausermann's Gold Cup hybrid

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Apr 12, 2010
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Southlake, Texas
We have several seedlings of this yellow phalaenopsis hybrid made by Arnold Klehm. He sent these to me to distribute as we believe the cross has merit for further breeding of large yellows.

These are great growers. I had these in compots and now some of them are repotted individually. They are near mature size but I only have room to allow two to bloom. In a few weeks I will have sample flower from this group.

Phalaenopsis (Andrea's Golden Circles '12-97' X Scott Eugene 'Gershon')

This nice yellow hybrid came from Klehm growers in Chicago area.

This is a line breeding of a famous yellow Phal Hausermann's Gold Cup (1986), which should be non-fading and maybe have the potential for multi branch and compact plants from Just Me (1973) - a parent of Phal Hausermann's Gold Cup. The Yellow Lady that made Andrea Niessen was actually the Scott Eugene used in this cross. Both parents were very fertile and non fading.

More information.
Phal. Just Me 'Arilington' CCM/AOS 82 Points, 1981 January 3
4.0 cm NS "Twenty multi-branched inflorescences with 165 flowers; deep yellow flower with tawny-orange transverse bars; lip lavender."

Phal. Andrea's Golden Circles (Phal. Andrea Niessen X Phal. Golden Circles)

Phal. Scott Eugene (Phal. Hausermann's Goldcup X Phal. Yellow Marquis)

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