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Jun 9, 2006
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Glen Rock - New Jersey
sry got impatient but i love this picture.found it this morning looks like its about to open up and eat you. i think its pretty obvious which phal this is. If i tell you its a species thatll prolly totally give it away...oops :eek:


it'll prolly be opened by the time i come back home tonight. Ill post pictures again then
I think its fully open ??

I moved the first photos into a different folder so the links are broken now.

anyway heres from start to finish






I has a fragrance to it. But I don't know how to describe it except perfumy.

Thanks for looking :)
Looks good, keep us posted! Also looks like you've almost got that Rubix Cube solved too. I saw a kid on TV solve one behind his back in minutes! The last one I solved required peeling a lot of stickers :poke:

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Does it strike anyone else that many orchids look menacing when they're opening? That 2nd photo could be a mighty mean monster.
Jon - that cube almost done. youre nuts. I completed one side and thats good enough for me for now. The stickers are all worn out from me playing with it seriously they should make rubics cubes with colored plastic on their respective side and not use stickers. Unless the use of stickers thing is a marketing technique their using so that when it wears out youd come running back. I think what would be a neat idea is a rubics cube where each respective square on each side is a little container that you can open and close and put stuff in or put a a photo that you chop up into little squares that would fit into it. hmm the only problem with that would be to make it stable enough for long term usage. the various different part that come on and off would make it fairly fragile...unless...hmmmm.....

hmmmmmmmmm....:confused:... might be time to go up to the company with a proposal...:poke: