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This is C. maxima I received a few months back when our orchid club had a talk on Peruvian species.



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When in Peru last fall, I stopped at a roadside stand and they had many a maxima in bloom. If it wasn't for CITES, I would have went home with one. There was one with marvelous form for a maxima. I since have purchased one but know I will disappointed when it blooms. This one from Peru was the best I have ever seen, form wise and I could have purchased it for $12.

I agree with you Ron. I have seen maximas for the last 35 years...and this is a good one!
Thanks for sharing your pics
^Please check your e-mail...
Nice photo of Cattleya maxima. I remembered seeing a Cattleya maxima mounted on fir slab and it way really a show stopper. The whole slab was covered with flowers. This is a beautiful species and if it grows well then I suggest you mount it.