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Jan 13, 2022
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What are some good phrags to start with? I grow in my home.with both East and west exposures and some supplemental lighting. Live in New England so we are getting to better light conditions and warmer temps. Humidity is probably my biggest issue. I would love to try growing a couple of phrags but don’t know where to start. Thsnks
In the mid-late 1990’s, My first orchid purchases were Phragmipedium Caudatum, Grande, and Sorcerers Apprentice. I still have all of them and they are blooming now. The Sorcerers Apprentice is a sequential bloomer that will bloom easily year around
In my conditions trouble free plants have been pearcei, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Praying Mantis and Grande…though some of these get quite large.
For a bit of colour Calurum, Sedenii, Perseus and some of the compact schlimii hybrids…eg Hanne Popow, Pink Panther, Asendorf Rose etc.
My easiest reds have been Noirmont and Caroline Miller Ott…though there are probably many others.
Good luck…phrags can be a very rewarding plant to grow.