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Paphs for sale

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Aug 21, 2010
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seattle, wa
In the past week I have had some crazy personal events in my life that have me in a position where I can no longer support an orchid hobby on the level I have now..I have been studying Physics for the past couple years and will be eventually applying to grad school, hopefully starting next fall 2015 in Portland. I will have my greenhouse for one more year but will be slowly selling things as I can. I am going to start by selling my parvis. and then my phrag seedlings (some on ebay some on ST) and as the phrag adults bud, I will sell them. I hope to be able to keep my newly acquired multiflorals and grow them under lights..as I am pretty attached to them. All my non slipper orchids I will sell next summer on ebay as they get bigger and more established, and I would like to enjoy them as much as possible until I move
so here is the first list: These were the best I kept from my parvi collection and grew well for me.
Gloria Naugle BS 1 growth 30.00
Dolggoldie BS 2 growth 30.00
emersonii BS? 8 inch LS 30.00
armeni white 3 gr in bud 30.00
micranthum 'cocoa' HCC/AOS 3 growth 125.00 http://www.slippertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29036&highlight=micranthum..just repotted , amazing roots
micranthum 'cocoas dilemma' HCC/AOS 150.00 2gr on PB , one in bud

armeniacum 7 plus growth 70.00..very fast growing..growing out of bottom pot holes, beautiful foliage
micranthum 4 growth 50.00
Fumis Delight 4 growth in bud 35.00
Norito Hasegawa 3 growth , 2 in bud 30.00
Fanaticum BS 1 growth 25.00
and three roths
the following link is to the three roths.
Roth (middle plant, took to judging and judges said it has potential for an HCC)..nice plant too PB plus year old start: 150.00
Roth (far right plant) PB plus year old start : 70.00
Roth PB (far left) plus 1 year old start ..this one i dont feel right by selling, the leaves look a little like they may have started to get rot before I stopped it..so the first one who wants it can have it for shipping cost only
please email me at [email protected], especially if you need to see pics..shipping is extra, paypal only. Please dont ask for discounts as I am not ready to do that yet..you can wait till next summer but of course I may not have them by then
sold the roths , gloria naugle , awarded micranthums, dollgoldie and emersonii, fumis delight, 4 gr micranthum, armeniacum
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still available
Fumis Delight 4 growth in bud 35.00
Norito Hasegawa 3 growth , 2 in bud 30.00
Fanaticum BS 1 growth 25.00
armeni white 3 gr in bud 30.00
must resist temptation...
I would be all over those plants if I hadn't just made a deal with my girlfriend that I wouldn't buy any more orchids until my birthday in October if she didn't buy any clothes she didn't actually need