Paphs and Phrags in Basel...

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6 x 80 watts and 45 cm distance. For the Paphies, I have added a filter between the tubes and the plants, blocking 20% of the light…
WOW!!! nice set up Ramon!!!!! I guess that the light temp is 6500k??!!! Or you have a mix?? Which is more beneficial???

I grow under 3 energy fluo lamps that are 11W=60W, with 2700K, each that caver half of one of your selves! I have one 20W=100W, with 6500K, that I rarely let on! Do you think it is good??? It is the first year, with this light... previously I had T8 light with low wattage which didn't prove so effective!!!...

...and these are the new slippers in the collection:

Paphiopedilum helenae var. delicatum
Paphiopedilum Wössner Helene (helenae x charlesworthii)
Paphiopedilum herrmannii
Phragmipedium andreettae

Finally got you Paph. helenae and its hybrids. Good for you.


well... In the meantime this is already the 4th helenae :) (the 3 others are supposed to be the standard variety), and as for the hybrids... 4th and 5th (if we considered hermannii as teh natural hybrid between helenae and hirsutisimum) ;)

Unfortunatelly, I could not find Paph. coccineum nor Phrag. Wössen at this show.. :(
and some more:

Paph. Wössner Favourite (hangianum x godefroyae var. leucochilum)
Paph. concolor var. longipetalum
Paph. niveum
Paph. palawense
Paph. bellatulum forma album (2 seedling)
Paph. bellatulum forma album (different cross)
Paph. delenatii forma albinum
Paph. wardii forma alboviride
Paph. niveum forma album
Paph. henryanum
Paph. niveum ‘Graue‘ x self
Paph. barbigerum (a very compact clon - this is supposed to be near blooming size!)