Paphiopedilum spicerianum with green dorsal

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Apr 5, 2017
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I purchased this last winter from Paph Paradise. It is a curious little flower, but I like it. I have a general weakness for green flowers and this one is an unusual shade of olive drab. It is still a very small plant.


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I Like the green variety a lot! Unfourtunatly didn't met one in person until now. Would be intresting if its occuring constant in propagation or if they are just Individuums in a whole batch. Or perhaps is it a distant population???
Interesting green dorsal!

I have several from PP too. Wonder if same batch?

What are parents and code attached to label?
The label just says green dorsal. I can’t remember what the website listing said, but maybe Green Hat x self or did I see that name elsewhere? I assumed that these arose from the selfing of one individual plant.


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Nice! I got one from PP too, but it bloomed very poorly. I’m hoping it improves the next time around.

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