Paphiopedilum "maybe"

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the pouch is big & dark looks to have some anitum in it... very nice flower!!! I'd keep it
Looking at this thread again, I can see anitum in the dorsal as mentioned. PEOY x anitum, is that Yang-Ji Diamond?
i was thinking... maybe you shouldn't even bother with it. Who wants to have a plant in their collection without a name or knowing its parents clonal names... If you send it my way... i have a special disposal area for those so they don't bother anyone else...

WOW that's a nice flower.... pick a name and just enjoy it... :)
PEOY x anitum would have been my guess,too. Your unknown beauty looks great, congrats!
Thx for all replies. I baught a roth flask years ago and finalement bloom this one...
Yes, the flowers are hudge for roth and sanderianum! I may keep it. But it was 200$ flasks and years of attention.


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