Paphiopedilum leucochilum

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Jun 16, 2023
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Western North Carolina
Mmmmh, would you please tell me .... how many spots are allowed to name it still leucochilum and from which number of spots do I have to name it godefroyae?
Koopowitz also wrote in his book 'Tropical Slipper Orchids' (2008 / p.187) under the headline Paph. godefroyae Paph. x greyi and I cite:
'The clear-pouched forms o f this species were recognized very early as a distinct variety, Paphiopedilum godefroyae var. leucochilum, by Rolfe in 1894. They were elevated to species status as Paph. leucochilum by Jack Fowliein 1975, but Phillip Cribb (1998) ....... lumped all of these plants into Paph. godefroyae. For horticulture reasons, it is reasonable to maintain the clear-pouched plants as Paph. godefroyae var. leucochilum.....
I'm not an expert on the matter, but I doubt it would come down to counting spots. Perhaps ask an AOS judge what is allowed. I would describe the pouches on those plants as white, even whith the few speckles. Pictures I've seen of non-leucochilum godefroyae have much more heavily spotted lips. But if we are counting leucochilum as a separate species, it seems it would be more important whether a plant's ancestors came from that population, and since some early collections of that species were observed to have some spots on the lip, those spots would not neccesarily be a disqualifier. However, if we are considering leucochilum to be a color form of godefroyae, the basis for which name one would use would likely be different, and perhaps in that case the spots would be a disqualifier. Also, it is very possible, as tryr5 stated above, that many of the godefroyae and leucochilum in cultivation are of mixed ancestry.
My main reason for replying earlier was because I didn't want Mafate to feel bad about their purchase or feel like they were sent the wrong item.

Mafate, those are two beautiful plants you have, no matter what you decide to call them. I hope that when my leucochilum blooms, it will be as nice as yours! 🙂

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