Paphiopedilum Lawrebel

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Well done. Not many Paph growers in Sarawak. Glad that you are growing them well.
Question: How do you grow the cooler paphs?

Most of the cool growing paphs can't bloom & even can't grow well in Sibu (lowland). I chose those paphs that possible can bloom in lowland. It is not easy to find paphs in the local market. I mostly bought online. The above Paph. Lawrebel was bought from Dr. Chiew. Really appreciated him for selling me this old hybrid. According to him, he brought back this lovely paph from New Zealand in 1990.
I was last at Dr Chiew couple years ago. I know he has around 20 warm paphs growing in the back. Glad you were able to 'back-up' these divisions.

There is a way to grow cool paphs in Sarawak. A cool tank!!!

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