Paphiopedilum coccineum ‘Little Booties’ AM/AOS

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Congratulations. The colour is exceptional. Possibly the best clone of this species I have seen. Fully deserved of the award.
Hear, hear! Can only echo every single word from David's lavish praise!

And as I found my mislaid Braem-book (as you very well know from another thread, Leslie! 😁), and he has it as P. coccineum and a species in its own right, I shut up with my barbigerum var. lockianum - that is, for now at least... and maybe untill I find my likewise mislaid 'Paphiopedilums of Vietnam' by Averyanov, Cribb et al., where they argue for the latter name and sink coccineum into varietal status of barbigerum! 😁😁😁

Whence, Leslie, did you acquire this on all accounts excellent beauty, if I may ask? 😉
I was kind of wondering if it was a variety of barbigerum myself. Haven't had any time to research it, but at least from the looks of the plant and blooming time under my lights they seem pretty similar.

I have a few that are spiking up now with all the barbigerums (and tranlienianum, also perhaps barbigerum?). No open flowers yet. Will be nice to compare them side by side. Hope they are as nice as Little Booties. :)
Thanks all!

Jens, this was from Eggshells.

Tom, yes names are all given by me (unless it’s a stated as a well known division). I love giving fun names lol.

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