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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I received this in trade and although it's bloomed before, it's the first blooming for me. When it first opened I thought it's sukhakulii with wardii leaves! Not the great, dark coloration I had hoped for. I do think it is wardii though, as there seems to be many variable plants on the net. This one just happens to be a more spotted one?? I'm also including a photo of the leaves which to me look like straight wardii. But, maybe I'm wrong??


The leaves look quite a bit like venustum to me, too, although I guess that wardii leaves are similar. The narrowness and reflex of the petals, along with the lack of pigmentation spots in the pouch would make me doubt its authenticity as a true wardii... but it's always hard to judge from a picture. Whatever it is, it's a nice looking bloom!

- Matthew Gore
I'm gonna vote w/ SlipperKing's guess on this one...Very pretty pouch! Veins and coppery shine!
Well, I guess it gets downgraded to an unknown.:mad: I was hoping it was correct, but I did have my doubts. Poop.
Can't believe that it is P. wardii eighter. Whatever it is - maybe 'Double Deception' maybe not - it's worth to show here.
Best regards from Germany, GuRu
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