Paph. villosum fma. aureum

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Feb 1, 2017
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Copenhagen, Denmark
You might be referring to the sanderae form, not the album of this discussion?
Sanderae...P. villosum? P. gratrixianum? That must certaintly be a horticultural epithet?!

At least from what I've seen, only in P. insigne do botanists distinguish between fma. sanderae (albinistic form, but with a faint spotting on the dorsal) and fma. sanderianum (the true "album" form of the species, or more precise: the true albinistic form - as the flower isn't at all album, all white. That is a form with no anthocyanin pigmentation - anthocyanin being the pigment that contributes to the colours red, purple, blue and black in not only flowers, but plants in general).

And, actually, the complete absence of any trace of anthocyanin pigmentation and its warm, yellow-golden colouring is - in connection with its good form and stance, what makes Swamprad's villosum clone a great one in my opinion!

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