Paph. venustum, two color forms

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I love paph. venustum. I have I think 3 different alba clones, and a few different "standard" clones. (And a couple pieces of a few of those too, after repotting/dividing this summer, so, um, yeah, lots of venustums :eek: )

Venustum may not be the largest or brightest flower, but it is one of my favorite paph. species. I love everything from the vividly, uniquely mottled foliage to the interesting flowers, complete with spots and veins. And they are compact and easy growing! What more could you ask for?!

Here are two currently in bloom (I have a couple more in bud)

Paph. venustum album. This is a seedling purchased from Antec a few years back. I have 3 siblings of these, and love them all. All are good-sized, easy growing showy plants.


another shot showing both inflorescences


Here is a standard color form. No bloom credit on this one, this guy came home a couple weeks ago in bud. I needed another venustum about as much as I need a hole in the head, but well... I had to have it. My other 'standard' color form is in bud, so I'll have to post a comparison photo when it opens up.

This particular one is a first bloom seedling (sib cross). The flower is small, but I like the color. The petals I imagine will wing back some more as the flower ages.



HI..lothianjavert..... I have a young P. venustum in spike with two buds I find this unusual, have you heard of that before, I'll post pics as it comes along. Thanks Jim.


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Nov 26, 2007
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you really seem to love these venustums! I did not have one yet, but your fine pict. and descr. of these pretty flowers show me what to do. thanks. Jean

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