Paph Temptation that I got from Heather

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Naturally, being a Heather-reared plant, it's enormous and spiking only six months after I got it.

It has about 6 fans now - one previously bloomed (I think), one spiking, one itty bitty new one you can see on the left, and then several others that are maturing. And it's quite happy, so far, in semi-hydro (which is how it came to me). I'm doing all my paphs now in semi-hydro, I just couldn't get the watering down right with medium, so figured I'd switch em all and let God sort em out. Interestingly, my brachys are doing quite well, have very good roots. I just figured, don't know why, that they would cause the most trouble. Anyway, will post more pics as it matures.
Well, it came from good parents :) or parent. I have to say, my plants that have been under CFLs, which I got last summer, are really happy. It is amazing how incremental improvements in light show real benefits. Though, having said that, I'm very pleased to have the CFLs off for the summer and those plants outside - it was getting a bit much with all the light starting early and going till late.