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Some of you may remember the Paph stonei pictures that I posted a couple weeks ago. Now, all of my spiking plants are in bloom, so I thought that I'd better post a few pictures. (Looking at them now, I'm afraid that they will look like different pictures of the same plant to everyone else... but they really are very dissimilar in person). I'm going to have to try taking some photos with different lighting... the petals keep disappearing on me :)

First of all, there's the plant that I posted photos of last time. In these first two photos, you can see that both blooms are now open, and the petals have lengthened and grown twisty :) The second bloom is even whiter than the first one... not a single spot on it.




The next photo is of a second plant. The bloom on this one has a very upright dorsal sepal, and the petals are much more outstretched than the others. I think that the petals are still getting longer, and will end up curly like the first pictures.


And finally, a third plant. The character of this plant doesn't come across well in the photos. This plant has dark petals, darker pouches, and the back of the dorsal sepal is also quite dark, so the plant ends up looking a little sinister. *sigh* I guess I'll have to take some more photos later.




Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos :) Let me know if there are any other angles or close-ups that you'd like to see.

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
Those are some of the best shots I've seen of the species. I'm loving the curly petals and stark white dorsal on that first one. Good growing/photographing. These are the imports, correct?

PS. the fischeris are still looking good!

I love the one with the pure white dorsal. I also love the one with twisting petals!

I just took a look at these photos on a better monitor (after someone kindly pointed out some problems), and could suddenly see all of the ugly artifacts from my heavy-handed dodging on the petals... my monitor is such an old piece of junk that I can't adjust it to the proper brightness.

Anyway, I have replaced the pictures with untouched ones, and I've just let the petals disappear this time. I'll post some photos later with a different colored backdrop.

I guess it's time for a new monitor :)

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
Now those are stonei I would love to own, fantastic, great photography :clap: :clap: :clap:

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