Paph Snow Glory in all her glory

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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
Below is a photo of one of my Paph. Snow Glory's that I bought some time ago as a seedling from Marriott Orchids. This is the second one to have bloomed and they both have had a nice round shape. Enjoy!

That extra bit of color on the petals is attractive. Nice pick Bob!!! Hadley has the touch for sure. His crosses have ruled the AQs recently (finally got mine yesterday BTW). Hmm, might want to take that one in for judging. Hate to ask, but what's the horizontal natural spread (size is only 10 points). Overall, "dimensions" are more important IMO. For instance, the petals are nice and fat, the pouch is husky, and the synsepal makes a nice background for it. Scorable flaws are cuppiness, the pinchy dorsal, and little bit of rough edging on the petals (again, scorable!). A KEEPER!

Ernie, naturally I wasn't able to pick that one in flower. Over the last few years I've visited Hadley at least once a year looking for good crosses in seedlings. The first time I asked for this cross he stated he only had a few left and were keeping them. After spending a couple of hours there and some money he produced two seedling for me. That same year in the fall I went back and asked once again for the same cross. This time due to my loyalty and possible pocketbook he produced 4 more for me. One (my avatar) bloomed last year on a small plant. I probable should have cut the flower but did not. The pollen went to a nice green complex. The plant lost its main growth but is putting out a new growth (slowly).

The natural spread on this plant is small at about 7 c.m. Looking at Silence orchid site he shows many of the same cross from Hadley. The ones he got the A.Q. with. Many of those also look to have a pinched dorsal. The first flower did not have a pinched dorsal.

Ernie, What do you mean you got yours yesterday? An A.Q.? I never totally understood an A.Q. That should be labeled on all of that same cross that used the exact same parents, should it?
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Bob, I got my print version of the Awards Quarterly, not an Award of Quality. I wish :) Some of the others mentioned that December's issue was running late.
Yes, when plants are presented for an Award of Quality, the award is essentially given to all the sibs as well but not necessarily remakes with the same parent. A min of 12 plants from the same pod must be exhibited and at least one must get a flower quality award (HCC, AM, FCC). The names of the individual clones do not carry an award unless that clone got a flower quality award; however, when Hadley sells these, he can charge more because they have been deemed superior to previous attempts at such breeding OR they present a new direction that's well worth following.


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