Paph sanderianum NBS

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Leo Schordje

wilted blossom
Aug 22, 2006
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NE Illinois
Near Blooming size plant. Roughly 20 to 24 inches leaf span, second growth started. Will email jpg to interested parties. $225 each plus shipping.
('31 inches' x 'Aloysius') is the parentage. A picture of 'Aloysius' is up on my website. Both parents have good color and nice form. 31 inches is pretty long petals for a plant flowered under lights rather than in a greenhouse.
NBS sanderianum is now 'under contract', most likely sold. I will have a fresh batch of sanderianum flasks at $125 in a month or so, if interested please contact me. [email protected] please put a recognizable Orchid subject in the subject line of your email. I get a tremendous amount of spam, subject is the way I sort the good from the spam.

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