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Apr 12, 2010
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Southlake, Texas
Paph Saint Swithin (rothschildianum 'Crystelle' FCC/AOS X philippinense 'Alford' FCC/AOS)

Second time flowering this. I did not grow this very well, lost the previous growth so only one flowering growth now. Nonetheless I like the clear stripes on this flower. Hope to grow it better next year. This got a red ribbon at last weekend's Shreveport Orchid Show.



love Saint Swithins...very nice, i have 'Alford' in flower now and can see it in this flower.
Nice St Swithin, all flower parts are nicely groomed but I'm most impressed with the pouch. Smooth and even colored not like the older clones, such as my 'Penn Valley'
Impressive and great potential. Good genetics from two excellent parents. Where did you buy this from?
Well spaced blooms on a good flower spike with the first bloom held well above the foliage. Big well shaped dorsal, with good bold markings, and a nicely balanced synsepal. Pouch is nicely shaped and well coloured, good angle of petal attachment. All combined into an impressive whole!
On a bigger plant this should be awesome. Congratulations on a great plant.

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