Paph rothschildianum 'JAR'

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Is that rock wool as the primary media? If so, that could be a little bit of a problem for strap leafed Paphs.
Do you know exactly how long it was in transit?
I regularly order Phrags. from a vendor on e-bay in rock wool. The seller uses it for his Phrags regardless of breeding. Once in a while a kovachii or larger growth Phrag. arrived and develops issues with a few older leaves. Rarely on new leaves.
The besseae, schlimii, type plants rarely have an issue from being moist in transit. They seem to need moisture and do not have problems.
I have ordered about 18 strap leaved Paphs. recently and not a single one came in rock wool or sphagnum for that matter. I am thinking that if Roth type things like to be watered, dry a bit, and watered again, maybe if it was sent wet or recently watered a that’s why a few older leaves are being shed?
But in every case the vendors I use ship on Mondays, arrive on Thursday, and there are very few issues.

Rockwool is no problem at all, I've been growing in it for years. The plant arrived in old mushy bark and I just repotted it before taking the pic today.
Wössner Black Wings one week out of the box from Hawaii, looked pristine on day one and has since shed two leaves with two more on the way
Same here Tony. I picked up a jar of Mancozeb as Stephen suggested while at Redlands, made a watery paste and painted the infected areas. So far the spotting has halted (3days).
As for the leaf tip die back, that's still an open issue. I may have mentioned Sam was using exclusively Klite and I recently purchased several 100 plants from him. I must say all beautifully grown with the exception of 5 roths out of 10 with leaf tips cut off. A K deficiency in the roths only is a possibility. They may need a little more potassium then other species.
I just mixed some up to try, if it stops the necrosis that will certainly help speed up recovery. I spray mancozeb quartely but this plant is brand new and hasn't been in the rotation yet.

All my roths from Sam in the last couple of years have had some issues out of the box but I knew to expect it with his health problems getting in the way. They've bounced back quickly enough, same for the batch of near rootless sanderianum. I remember him saying in a presentation that he was using K-lite but most of the plants I've repotted have also had green slow release pellets in the media.
I noticed those slow release pellets too and was just about to comment about it.

Do you use inocucor or any kelp extract if you feel the plants need a boost of potassium or a kick-start on root formation?
I use kelp monthly. Used to use inocucor but I lost my cultures over the winter and haven't started new ones, couldn't say that I've seen a difference without it.