Paph Rosy Dawn and Paph Miller's Sunset

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Hi eyeryone, my first post here! I picked up Paph Rosy Dawn 'Superbum' AGM/RHS and Paph Miller's Sunset (Copperware 'Peachglow' x Dusty Miller 'Shelley') today at the RHS Orchid show. These are my first two Paphs and I would appreciate any culture tips for these guys. Or ar they pretty standard in their requirements?


P.S. They are in bloom so I'll post some pictures tomorrow :D
Welcome to the world of slippers. Please post the photos. I'm anxious to see the Rosy Dawn 'Superbum'.

Thank you!

Here they are. The blooms are a little worse for wear in places after 2 cab rides and and a 2.5 hours train journey home :poke:

Rosy Dawn 'Superbum'

Miller's Sunset
Thanks for the pics Elena.

I was anxious to see the 'Rosy Dawn' but when I see the 'Millers Sunset', I really like that one also. I would have bought both of them as well. They are beautiful.

It may be good that I can't get to the RHS show. My bank account would suffer a big loss.

Thank you both :) I was trying to decide between the two, paid for Rosy Dawn, looked aroung the rest of the show and went back to buy the Millr's Sunset as well. I always said that I wasn't a Paph person but I couldn't resist these two!
He he, hello :D

Yes, from what I've read so far the Rosy Dawn at least seems to be a fairly easy one. Not much (okay, any) info on Miller's Sunset and I noticed what seems to be lime in its pot. I bought them both from Ratcliffe so I might email them for more information.
James said:
You need to get a Paph High Noon, cause you have the dawn and sunset.


I saw this Paph Rosy Dusk at a local show a couple of weeks ago and fell in love so there seems to be a definite theme for me.


Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone!