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What, all of them? You don't ask for much, do you? :poke:

They are all over the place (none on the sofa yet, though) but here' my big bay window which is where most of the slippers are.




(and yes, that hygrometer really is showing 70 odd % humidity)
:rollhappy: oh yes!
The first thing that came to mind was my husband (the custom cabinet maker) would have a fit if I let pots come in contact with finished wood! :eek: (Hmm .... could that have been the main catalyst for the GH?) I went the tray route! I knew someone that had each plant in a white ceramic pot, seemed like too much expense & work for me but that's the way she wanted it & it made her happy - that's all that counts!
Ceramic pots are okay for display purposes but they take too much space and limit the number on plants you can squeeze into an area :D

My sangii are here, the seller kindly sent me two :eek: The senior is in a 3 inch pot, the junior in 2"

:drool: Lucky you! :clap: They both look good, the 3" is really nice! Excellent purchase!
Mexipedium xerophyticum

Paph Armeni White (armeniacum x delenatii)
Paph Chou-Yi Yuki (hangianum x niveum)
Paph Hsinying Franz (Paph. rothschildianum 'In Charm' x Stoned Susan 'In Charm')
Paph Jade Lauren Whales (White Knight 'Full Moon' x Christmas Snow 'Jade')
Paph. Joyce Hasegawa (delenatii x emersonii)
Paph. Lady Isabel (stonei 'Henry' x rothschildianum 'Gigantic' FCC/AOS)
Paph. Lady Isabel (rothschildianum ‘Mount Millais’ FCC/RHS-FCCAOS x stonei)
Paph Michael Koopowitz (philippinense var roebelinii 'Red Spider'x sanderianum 'Red Spider')
Paph. Prince Edward of York (sanderianum 'Long Red Petal' x rothschildianum 'Gigantic' FCC/AOS)
Paph Rosy Dawn ‘Superbum’ AGM/RHS
Paph Saint Swithin (roth 'Bion' FCC/AOS x phil var. roebelinii 'Birch Point' HCC/AOS)
Paph Saint Swithin (phil ‘Select x roth ‘Mont Millais’ FCC/RHS-FCC/AOS)
Paph. Vera Pellechia (Saint Swithin x stonei)

Paph ang-thong var. album
Paph bellatulum var. album 'Pure Snow' x self
Paph concolor
Paph delenatii var. album "White Shine" x self
Paph. delenatii var. album x self
Paph fairrieanum (‘Will Scarlet’ x ‘#1’)
Paph. fairrieanum 'Queen of Spade' AM/AOS x self
Paph hangianum Select x sib
Paph helenae
Paph. henryanum x sib
Paph. henryanum x sib
Paph. leucochilum x sib ('Jeanie' AM/AOS x 'Red Sunset')
Paph. micranthum var eburneum (kwongsee) x sib ('Bubble Gum' x 'Huge Snow Ball')
Paph. niveum x sib ('Full Moon' x 'Jumbo Snow Ball')
Paph philippinense var. roebelinii
Paph rothschildianum x sib ('Sam's Best' FCC/AOS x 'Rex' FCC/AOS)
Paph. sanderianum (‘Twister’ x ‘Henry’)
Paph sangii
Paph sangii
Paph stonei x sib ('Maybrook' AM/AOS x 'Golden Boy')
Paph tigrinum
Paph. tranlienianum
Paph vietnamense
Paph. wilhelminiae ('Equanimity'AM/AOS x 'Ron')

Phrag Jason Fischer