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WolfDog1 (C. Williams)

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Oct 15, 2006
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Tigard OR
Well, I got my first AOS quality award last weekend.
Now I just need to get some photography lessons.
These pictures don't do the flower justice, but I thought I would try to share. The bloom has been open almost a month and is not quite as nice as it was last weekend when it was awarded.
(Also my first try at uploading a photo)

Once I get the information from the AOS and get the award photo, I'll try to remember to post it here. I'm sure it will be better than my photos.
It just barely got the award at 75 points. I have not gotten the award sheet from the judges yet, but one judge told me that everyone really "loved the combination of colors of each flower part to create a flower of great character. The main reason it didn't score more than 75 pts was due to the relative small size of the flower compared to others." (I have that in a message or I would never have remembered it! :wink: )

This is the 2nd bloom on this plant for me. I got it last June or July as a previously bloomed plant. This flower was about 1/3 smaller than the previous bloom, however the colors on the previous bloom were a bit duller. I'm hoping the next bloom will be bigger and better!

The cross is: Paph Satchel Paige 'Jim Krull' AM/AOS x Paph sukhakulii 'Rory Jones' and it came from Krull Smith.

And thank you I'm very proud. However, I hear it's hard to live with me now!:rollhappy:
Congrats!!!!! I'm just hoping I'll get something one day
Yes those colours are superb....and its nice and flat
I'm suprised it was a previously bloomed plant. I think thats called culling (not to be rude), but they culled the wrong one ;)

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