Paph Pinocchio X bellatulum

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From other pics I have seen this cross seems quite variable. This is the first flowering and I am pleased with the flower. It looks like it has a couple more buds coming along.

My first pic post on SlipperTalk

This one is interesting in that the pattern seems relatively uniform across all parts of the bloom. Nice shape to it, too. Congrats on that blooming.
The petals are nice and almost completely flat on this one. Sometimes the petals can be quite rippled and a bit of a mess. I like the combination of the pink and green overlaid with spots and speckles. I love some of the across-the-section crosses being made these days.
Wow. I thought about crossing them when they bloomed last year but decided not to. Surely will give it a try this year! (if they flower for me, fingers crossed).

Great first picture post! Thanks!
Heather said:
Very nice!
I'm a huge bellatulum fan....tho, no one actually believes me when I say that but it's TRUE I SWEAR it!
She lies.. "if it's not over 12" long and multiple blooming I'm not interested". :poke:
Nice blooming photo, Thanx.
As shiny as a polished marble. Very evenly spotted too.
The pouch seems strangely remind me of something that I could not exactly pin point!