Paph (Pinocchio 'Dresden' x Heleen)

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Here's a picture of a flower that I received as "Paph (Pinocchio 'Dresden' x Heleen)". Unfortunately, "Heleen" is not a registered hybrid. I'm thinking that it's a stage name for "helenae", especially given that I found early web references to helenae spelled "helene" and only a minor shift of the ending "e" would be required. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

The spelling has to be exact when you check at RHS, otherwise you get nothing!
The flower certainly looks like a heleane hybrid. It think you can relable it with confidence.

I saw a few and picked one up at orchidfest this weekend that looked very similar, the ones in bloom there were dead ringers for helenae.
This was claimed to be helenae x primulinum, but Pinocchio seems more likely than primulinum, unless forma purpurascens was used. You decide.


Does paph Helene or Paph Helen happen to be a complex paph? I am thinking that pinocchio x complex could possibly give these results too.

Also does that bloom look too big to be a helenae?
Helen = charlesworthii x dayanum
Helene = Hylophila x wintergreen (here's 2 we've heard of! registered 1954)
Hsinying Helen = helena x Pinocchio (so far, this is it!) Unless we have dimensions of the bloom, it's hard to say this bloom is too big to be out of helenae, it could easily have taken after the Pinocchio parent.
Just found it on RHS - Wossner Mini Gold = primulinum x helenae, registered 2004 by Glanz.
It definitely looks like (Pinocchio x helenae) to me. I would expect plant size to be closer to the size of Pinocchio, and P. helenae hasa flower that is disporportionately large for its plant size - therefore a good size flower on a medium size plant is what I would expect.
. As to the other names, (charlesworthii x dayanum) I would expect very slender petals, with spots. Also expect lines in the dorsal. The last would be a round green complex. Your flower is definitely the first cross. Hsinying Helen
Your plant is a typical cross of Paph. helenae with primulinum, Paph. Wössner Mini Gold.
Using the yellow form then you will get flowers like these clones


Using the coloured forma purpurascens then you get the wonderful coloured form of this cross


I trhink you can see that this is your plant.

Best greetings


The only noticeable difference between your examples and the two previous are in the staminodes. Yours seem to show an insigne-complex form to the staminodes while the others appear to show a far stronger influence from the cochlopetalums. Do you see any significance in this difference?