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Very nice. If this blooming is anything to go by your culture is on the right track 👏 👏👏

I've also got this one and a couple of others, what night temp do you keep them at?
Well ... Someone's culture is on track. I bought it at California Orchids over the weekend. Bolinas is usually in the low 50's at night. Hope it looks like this next time it blooms!
I have lots of masdevallias, but one is always looking to grow orchids better. I keep my greenhouse at a low temp of 55 in the winter and then rise the temp to 63 during the day. Right now I set it at a straight 50 but the sun heats that baby up. Only turn on the vents once it starts getting too warm.
Don't give up. It gets about 110F here. I have kept some alive (barely) for almost a year. Peak temp in my grow room was about 90F. Have a wet wall and temp controlled fan installed now. Hopefully it will be cooler.
Everyone says ignea is a cool to cold grower but it seems to tolerate home conditions for me. They grow right along side all the paphs & phals, yours grows where?

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