Paph Norito Hasegawa - To Pot or Not to Pot

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That's pretty cool. Looks like you'll need some tin snips to get that one out.

At on time I potted up my armeniacum and micranthum in wood slat baskets to good effects.
Silly Parvis, stolons are for Ludisias! If you want to repot, cut/break the pot away.

We had it bofore, same as with armeniacum. we grow the NH's and armeniacum in baskets.
interesting ! the only option is to cut the plastic pot open on the side all the way down so you can unpot easily and not do any damage to the plant
Wow! Yep, gonna have to slice and dice that pot, after blooming :) - maybe you can carefully melt the pot off w/ a cheap soldering iron...I've had bad luck cutting pots, pot doesn't want to cut and then the plastic snaps and the plant get's whiplash! But hey, if the growth breaks off, it looks like a nice healthy plant that you could nurse that growth and have another one!