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Oct 9, 2016
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Cleveland, OH
This is my latest NH clone, which originated from Hillsview. This clone is still fairly young, and this is it's first time blooming. The yellow is very clear and the markings are nice and saturated. The shape has some work to do but not so much that it cancels out the beauty of the flowers.

All of my Norita Hasegawa bloom with such ease that I have recommend a NH for every paphiopedilum collection.

This one's the total package in my opinion. The flower is really nice, colorful, and interesting. The foliage is also quite pretty.

I agree that these are pretty easy going hybrids for me, but in other corners of the internet folks wouldn't necessarily agree. For me, I seem to have pretty good luck with malipoense (which is good given that it's really one of my favorite species), so I'm not surprised that NH also does well for me. The only real issue I've had with this hybrid is a mite infestation that wiped out one of my favorite cultivars.

Something I really like about this hybrid is that the flowers seem to last a long time.

They usually don't have a fragrance, though, or if they do, it's so incredibly faint that it's not really worth mentioning.

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