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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
Below is a first bloom seedling that is blooming for the first time on a single 5 or 6 inch growth. There is a small nick in the pouch that it received while moving it around. What may look like a pimple on the bottom right hand side of the pouch, in reality is just part of ventral sepal. Due to the position of the flower Donna had to hold the flower with one hand while taking the picture with the other. I'm sure you can guess who made this cross. You guessed it -----In-Charm.

Very nice and round

how large is it, if I may?
Thanks for the pic.
I haven't measured it. It's not that large, fairly small. I'm sure, a few years from now after it has a few more growths that it will only get better and stronger.

The last couple of years I've been trying to acquire a number of niveums looking for a few nice ones. I have another 3 of this exact cross that most likely will bloom next year. I also have at least another 6 or so of other crosses that also hold promise. I'll most likely keep the best 2 or 3 and sell the rest.

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