Paph niveum and painting

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Dec 7, 2006
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Edmonton, AB, Canada
First blooming on this Paph niveum x sib (‘Full Moon’ x ‘Jumbo Snow Ball’).

I had to try out painting too. I haven't painted for years and this is my first time using canvas. I think the writing on the bottom is a bit too large; it's hard writing with a paintbrush.
Fantastic niveum. I think you need to keep painting! Good job on it. Personally, I don't think you need to put the name at all. Maybe write it in pencil on the back?
NICE JOB! Another artist in the group!
The writing is a bit big - how about shortening it - Paph. (isn't that universal anyway?)or P.niveum.
Thanks guys:)

I think I am going to black out the writing, even my signature seem big then. Perhaps when I get a finer brush I will write it small?

Paphioboy, it is acrylic paint, but the waterproof sealant made it look shinier like a oil painting. I haven't tried oil painting but it couldn't be too much different I think. I wish my young plant had three growths, I made up the painting as three growths to show two angles of the bloom;)
Patience, Fren. It will grow...

I think oil and acrylic handle very differently from each other. Unless you add a drying agent, oil can be reworked for a long time, whereas acrylic dries quickly, although you can paint over it sooner.
Pretty nice…

Unless you’re really attached to the idea of labeling your paintings, I’d scrap the idea. I could be wrong, but this piece appears to have been done in the spirit of fine art rather than botanical illustration (NOT to be misconstrued as a value judgment)…the label makes sense with the latter approach but is usually pretty distracting in the former. The flowers in this will be the rightful focal point if you get rid of the wording. The size of your signature isn’t as obtrusive as you think though, and quite nicely stylized too—maybe just choose a more modest color next time?!

Keep it up!
thanks Greg. Good point on where the focal point is. My initial idea was supposed to be somewhat botanical like, but the finished product doesn't really look like a botantical. I will scrap the name then.
I think that if you wanted to do botanical then the media is wrong. Are they not usually watercolor or pencil? You get a softer and more exact look that way. I have not tried oil yet but think it is true that is is quite differnt to work with, expecialy in the old masters, fine art stlye. It takes a very long time to dry and so you end up with mud colors if you try to work in another color to soon. I have done some painting with acrylic but not plants yet. Mostly animals and I work mostly with pyrography and color pencil.
you're right dawn. botanicals are always watercolor or pencil. (nor are the backgrounds black)

So last night I blacked out all writing and resigned the painting with brown rather than that yellow-white. ...I don't know why I work on painting at night rather than the day time. After this one I did a cymbidium and then a phal but they are smaller pieces.

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