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Registrations are a problem. Last year I think, a Paph cross was registered as Caroline Hands = moquettianum x rothschildianum. I e-mailed the RHS Registrar explaining that P.moquett', I thought was a variety of P.glaucophyllum which would have made this cross P.Vanguard, named decades ago. He e-mailed me back with "OOPS, how did that get through". Ok, we'll just make P moquettianum a separate species and that will fix it!
BTW, I agree with this move.
They did and now if you look at many P.Vanguards, you are probably seeing many P.Caroline Hands!!!! As with many 'glaucophyllum' registered crosses, P.moquettianum shows through fairly heavily. In the long run, as with many of the "primary hybrid" registrations and back crossings using the "chamberlainianum/victoria regina, glaucophyllum family, your guess is as good as mine as to what was actually used.
eOrchids said:
So let me get this straight, if I got topperi x randsii to flower and there's no name register for it. I can name the plant, right?

Yes and no. If a hybrid blooms for you that is not registered, you can name it, provided you are the creator of the cross, or you have permission from the person who made the cross. If the person who made the cross does not give you permission to name it, then you can not do so. Bob Wellenstein explained this in an earlier post in this thread.

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