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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
Can people actually give me genuine feedback about this one?
The plant is nice, the flower is (in my opinion) OK. I wish it had more stonei influence. Am I being a dork thinking this is not that great?

Please be honest! No "nice one!" or "pretty" Want to hear real opinions and criticism please!

Well i can't see too much to fault in it other than it's not mine. Really Heather, I do like it. If it has a major flaw then i would like to hear about it as well.

In the meantime just send it to me.:drool:
the stonei influence is more subtle, I agree, but it is obvious with the dorsal with widely-spaced stripes, the thinner and less-twisty petals, and the darker tan and chunkier pouch. The dorsal striping is still rather clean (and not all that broken which can happen from stonei) and the color is good.

My verdict is that it is a "nice" Mount Toro, in the sense that it is a good representation of the grex. Probably not an award winner but then again few are. as long as it grows more like philippinense and less like stonei, it seems like a keeper to me.
Heather, it is terrible, in my opinion the best thing to do would be to get another one, and deport that one to South Africa :poke: ... see no "nice one!" or "pretty" about "Lovely"? If that is the true colour, I like it
Jmoney said:
as long as it grows more like philippinense and less like stonei, it seems like a keeper to me.

It grows like stonei - it is at least three feet wide. Sigh....but thanks, I wanted some new opinions too

Well, thanks for the comments all! So far it is sticking with me. This was not the first bloom so I doubt it will get more stonei-esqe with time.
to me, size of the plant isn't that important, it's the rate of growth. I meant that if it *grew* like stonei, to hell with it. I just deported an Imperial Jade because it took years to "mature" and I wasn't inclined to wait 3 years for the next growth...
Heather, I think it's terrific! It's got a nice, wide, full dorsal; a nice big stonei-like staminode, a wide synsepal and petals that reach out sideways quite a bit, before flowing over and down. 'Love it!
I love it Heather. The flowers are great. And I'm just not being nice because if I had nothing nice to say I wouldn't say anything at all. But you know if you don't like it. You know where I live! ;)
SlipperFan said:
Other than not having as much stonei influence as you would like, why do you think it is not so good, Heather?

Well, it is mostly the lack of stonei influence. I was hoping for a more outstretched petal stance. I don't think it is so bad, I just wanted to know if others thought it was a particularly good or a just okay Mt. Toro.

You don't really see that many of these in photos and discussions online, and so I don't know really what the standards are for this cross and what growers are striving for where breeding and judging is concerned.

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