Paph Miss Faith Hanbury (niveum x glaucophyllum)

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L I Jane

I don't think this is what the tag says.It opened much darker this year & looks nothing like the pic of Miss Faith Hanbury in the new edition of Orchid Wiz.I didn't get the tags mixed so I haven't the slightest idea.The orchid place where this originated is no longer in business so I can't check with them :confused:
Yeah, usually Ms FH has a white background with a delicate pinkish overlay. It's possibly some brachy onto some Cochlopetalum (are there more buds?)? If it's a primary, I'd doubt the brachy is bellatulum as (in my experience) it typically gives speckles unless it's put on one of the boldly striped species (like a lot of the multiflorals). There are always exceptions. Godefroyae and leucochilum are better at giving the bigger blotches seen here. Just my 2c.

Thanks Ernie-- just one more bud.Orchid Wiz shows it very white with a green staminoid.
It is real normal for a brachy x non-brachy hybrid to open with a green cast, this usually fades to ivory in about 5 to 7 days. My bellatulum often opeb yellow green, then fade to white over the first week. See what you think next week.

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