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Dec 26, 2012
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Central North Carolina
Cymbidium Peter Pan x sauve

I can't take credit for the blooms since I bought it in early spike last month from Marble Branch Orchids when they were at the Triangle Orchid Society Fall show. I've collected a few species Chinese Cymbidiums and decided I wanted to get some small growing hybrids as well in case I'm not successful with the species. Cymbidium Peter Pan was high up on my list (it's 50% C. ensifolium) because it stays small(ish), is fragrant, and I like the green/red color scheme. When I saw this Peter Pan hybrid available locally, it was impossible to resist.

The spike is arching to almost pendant, but I've staked it up to conserve space. Unfortunately, I decided to stake it after the buds started to appear and I think some of them got confused, messing up the presentation a tad. But it's still gorgeous to me. The scent is a lot like C. Golden Elf if memory serves correct, sort of a perfumey soapy smell. Quite pleasant. It's strongest in the morning, and it's impossible to miss as you walk by the plant. Towards the evening it retacts and is faint, but still discernable.

C. suave wasn't a species in my radar prior to getting this hybrid. It's a pretty interesting Australian species. They are interesting in that they don't really have much in the way of a psuedobulb. From what I gather, it's used in hybridization to increase flower count.

The flowers are fairly small, but that's to be expected. I've been so busy I haven't had time to post, so I'm probably catching them towards the end of their life. Overall, a lovely hybrid. I'm hoping it has the potential to bloom more than once a year, but I suppose only time will tell.

The foliage is nice and grassy. It does have small psuedobulbs, and the plant size is very small and manageable.



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