Paph micranthum var eburneum ‘Spring Kiss’ AM/AOS

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Mar 18, 2012
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Loomis, California USA
This was awarded today. One flower and one partially open bud. Unfortunately, the awarded flower was accidentally broken off when my friend put the plant into its travel box. It happens….the pollen was collected for future breeding and the other flower is actually looking better than the awarded one! Haha!

A few more micranthum are staring to open and look really nice!! Hopefully there will be a couple to add to this section of ST.


photo by Ramon de los Santos


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Tyler, is this the awarded flower or the other one ? No matter which one it is, it has deserved it award at any rate. Excellent colouration and shape. Lovely 👌
Congrats Tyler. Very well balanced flower.

Re accident: I have my share of breaking buds and flowers during packing and transport to shows and judging. One gets so mad at oneself and then laugh at the incredulity of it all. Really, no one died in the process! Fun times lol.

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