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Oct 4, 2008
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Canberra, Australia
First flowering seedling from Iweyshan in Taiwan. I am pretty happy with this one. I like the colour. The petals aren't super long (30 cm) but the plant is tiny so should improve markedly if I can increase the size of the plant.

Beautiful! I love the contrast of the dark red twisters with the green-gold pouch, congrats!
Very nice! How small is the plant? A compact MK sounds great. Also can I ask how you can get plants from them?

The largest leaves are only about 30 cm long. It is always a trade-off with these things. A bigger plant will give you more flowers and bigger flowers.

A person here in a Australia organised a big shipment, so I put in an order for a few plants. The plants have to be fumigated and go through quarantine which really sets them back. In fact a lot of plants die or struggle to grow on. Which would partially explain its small size at first flowering. I expect it to eventually get a lot bigger rather than stay compact like this.
Impressive you were still able to get blooms after all that treatment. We’ll watch out for that nursery when they have plants for sale here in NA.
Beautiful! I just love MK. Be sure to mist those petals to keep them from drying up too soon.

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