Paph Mark Hasegawa (roth. x concolor)

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L I Jane

This just opened.I wasn't sure what it would look as I never have seen a pic of it.I am very pleased tho' with the outcome.:)
One reason you have never seen a photo is this plant is near impossible to bloom. Get that plant to the NY judging center, timing should be just about right, if I recall correctly they are the first Saturday of the month and that second flower should be open. You have a real shot at a significant award, and at any rate will generate some serious talk. Great job, I'd like to see more photos with the second flower open and also a shot from the front if you'd be so generous as to do so.
Front view of flower.I wish I could take credit for blooming it but I can't as I just got it on ebay.I thought the flower looked a little lopsided but that could have been in the shipping.
Yep, unless you can somehow straighten that pouch out, your chances of an award are very small (unless the next flower is spectacular). Still, on a subsequent blooming, this could be amazing. Since it is blooming now, at least you know it can bloom. Which is more than can be said for a lot of clones of this hybrid. Actually a lot of roth x brachy/parvi crosses are really hard bloomers.

Definitely a keeper. You can keep it at my house if you want... :)

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