Roots, roots, roots!!!

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Feb 24, 2023
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Look at these roots!!! This is Paph. Mark Hasegawa (concolor 'Full Moon' x rothschildianum 'X-Hot' SSM/JOGA) I have no idea how to bloom it and it really hasn't done anything. Also i haven't uncovered them as the media is up to the brim of the pot. Just how they grew20240127_223244.jpg20240127_223237.jpg
I suspect that your plant is not yet mature enough. I checked for plant size descriptions of the 6 awarded Mark Hasegawa's that I could find in the AOS database, Only one was to a single growth plant. There was one from Krull-Smith that had a culture award. The plant had 5 growths measuring 22cm. long in an 18cm. pot. What is 18cm., about 7 or 8 inches? Your plant is but a single growth in what appears to be a smaller pot then 18cm. You just need a little patience and let it grown up. Good roots are a plus for sure, however roots are just part of the overall picture. Another award went to a single growth plant with the growth measuring 29.5 cm. wide. That is close to 12". Another award mentions a several growth plant with a 35cm. wide leaf span. You need to get this plant to mature a bit more, getting some "oomph" behind it!

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