Paph malipoense

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Here is a malipoense "Giant" type.
After several months with nothing at all, the spike is now growing well !
You can see the size of the plant comparing to my hand. It's really bigger than tha malipoense I could have seen before.

That is quite large! But what's the leaf span of both plants? Where did they come from? :)

That's a huge plant. I wonder if the flowers are gonna be bigger as well?

Just curious. What mix do you have underneath the sphag?

Thanks Emmanuel
the leaf span for the biggest is about 30/35 cm, and the small one is 20 cm.

The mix under sphagnum is a classic bark mix.
That is quite large! 20cm-25cm sounds like a typical Paph. malipoense, your sure is big at 35cm! :)

That's a very interesting malipoense!

I will add this photo to the discussion:

(My student ID card is added for scale)

It is a Paphiopedilum (delenatii 'Fair Rosamund' x malipoense 'Green Giant'). It looks like no other Lynleigh Koopowitz that I've seen. The leaves look a lot like the ones from your giant type malipoense.
mine is slowly rising to the occasion_ i am hopeful-I meant to take pix today but was occupied with health matters