Paph List for Spring 2016

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Apr 12, 2010
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Southlake, Texas
Hi all -
These are new import this past weekend originated from Taiwan. Please email me if you have questions of need more information.


Paph. tranlienianum 3” pot $25 Qty 5
Paph. spicerianum x sib $25 Qty 5 - mature size, previously bloomed
Paph. gigantefolium x sib $55 Qty 10 - seedling, 8 inch leaf span
Paph. barbatum x sib $20 Qty 5 - mature size
Paph. emersonii $60 Qty 7 - mature size
Paph. wilhelmiliniae from Hung Sheng x self $60 Qty 5 - large mature size, previously bloomed.
Paph. micranthum var eburneum $45 Qty 10 - mature size

Paph Wossner China Moon (armeniacum X hangianum) $45 qty 10 - mature size
Paph. (Mem Larry Heuer) malipoense x emersonii $50 Qty 3 - mature size
Paph Liberty Taiwan $40 Qty 10 - mature size
Paph. Wossner Black Wings 'Arco' SM/TPS x rothschildianum 'Arco' $50 Qty 10 - seedling 10-12 inch leaf span
Paph. Hsinying Antrix (S. Gratrix x anitum) $50 Qty 5 - near mature size 8 inch leaf span
Where is the Woluwense?!

This list has recently imported paph only. I sold one on my website. I have two left but these bloomed last year. It would be interesting to see if these will rebloom again this year or skip a year.

The one I'm shipping out today is a gorgeous plant.

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