Paph lawrenceanum

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Warm growing. I grow it i a north window inside where a heat pump is blowing warm air during the winter. I guess the temperature variation is between 19 and 28 deg celcius.




NOW that is NICE! It's hard (for me) to find a great example of this species.
Anyone in the states have a good source?? PM me please.
Berrak, this is a nice and well grown P. lawrenceanum. The bloom has got a good colouration and stance, the length of the stem is extraordinary and the patterns of the leaves are full of contrast. I like it!! :drool:
Best regards from Germany, GuRu
This is the first time I've seen such great pictures of this flower. Thanks Jim.
Very nice !! is it from Christiansen ? It looks like one of his clones
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Very nice !! is it from Christiansen ? It looks like one of his clones

I have no idea.

Its a division from a Swedish grower. The funny thing is - his plant has declined and mine has gone so well. I belive he has it a bit to cold in his warm greenhouse.
I belive he has aboy 18 deg. C there during winter days.
Beautiful... I guess my seedling would have grown like this if it hadn't rotten...:(... aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Anyway...

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