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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
I received this one last year in March in bloom. Yesterday or the day before it opened it's bloom once again. Ho Chi Minh is delenanti crossed with vietnamense. The main problem with this cross is the short length of time that the flower stays in bloom. I'm guessing it will only be in bloom for approx. two weeks.

Great example of the cross! I see a good amount of variability with this primary. Some are quite delenatii-like while others are waaaay at like vietnamense at the other end of the continuum. The blooms on mine lasted about 2 weeks each, too. Never the less, it's a great hybrid and you have a nice one!
I blasted the buds on mine last year and it has yet to bud up again. I have 3 different crosses. I can only hope they are as nice as yours.
I love it!
Ho Chi Minh

Very nice flower-love the rosy color-I have one getting ready to bloom for the first time. I hope mine is half as good as yours...Larry
Hey Bob,

nice Ho Chi Minh! My experience with them is that they will take two weeks to finally present themselves well, then start to blemish after one week of being open. Hopefully the hybrids made with Ho Chi Minh will lose that trait.

I have it crossed with micranthum right now, and have great expectations! Now I have to think of a cool hybrid name....

You could take a lesson in naming from Wossner and call it Paph Micra Ho - Or is that a small lady of the night?????