Paph. (henryanum x Joanne's Wine)

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evil genius
Jul 11, 2006
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Norfolk, VA
Well, it finally bloomed . . . and it's disappointing. I like the colour a lot, but the form is not what I was hoping for. This is a first bloom though, and we'll see what it looks like next time around.

Regardless, it is certainly interesting, and I thought you all would enjoy taking a look at it. Here are two different angles:

Sorry the pic quality isn't better!
Interesting. This one is the exact opposite, colorwise of the henryanum x Joanne's Wine that I bloomed out. This one has very little dark coloring in the dorsal, while mine was so strong on the vini-color that the spotting on the dorsal and petals was completely covered. The best of this type that I've seen have been in between the two extremes, colorwise, with spots over flame red or pink brushing on the dorsal. Does anyone have a picture of this type?
First one looks like it had too much wine :poke:

Interesting to see how different the two are
Gideon said:
Interesting to see how different the two are

No, no; these are just two different angles of the same bloom. Or perhaps I have misunderstood your comment?

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