Paph Harold Koopowitz 'David's Jade Jewel'

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Jun 9, 2006
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This orchid Paph Harold Koopowitz 'David's Jade Jewel' AM/AOS, was awarded today with an 81 pt. AM/AOS from the Atlanta judging center. I love the bold tesselations and apple green color. Enjoy.

Yes it is mine. It is my first Paph to be awarded! I took this photo when I got home from judging and thar is how missed the photo of the kolopakangii alba. (I am kicking myself too).
I think it might be helful if members included a brief description of their growing conditions ( lights/greenhouse, potting medium, fertilizing strength and frequency, day/night temps etc.) when they obtain AOS awards or Show ribbons on their paphs. They are obviously doing something right to bring out the best genetics the plant has to offer.


Thank you everyone. My growing conditions are under HPS light, in a bark mix, and fertilized lightly with MSU, cal-mag, & superthrive every 3rd watering. the temperature was variable but with lows of 55F and highs in the high 80's. I bought this as a blooming size single growth (it came from HILO Orchid Farm) and then the first time it bloomed the whole spike blatedin sheath. This time ( 1 year later) it has 1 blooming size growth, 1 NBS, & 3 small starts. Again thank you everyone for your kind words...

by the way the Natural spread was 19+cm, and the DS was 5.1 cm.