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Nov 2, 2006
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I purchased this in bud from Parkside at the Paph Forum held recently in DC.

Paph. Golddollar = primulinum x armeniacum


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excellent colour and nice shape! The shape is much better than the one I saw in the catalogue. I love it.

I'm getting a Pedro's Moon (pinocchio album 'sand hill' x armeniacum 'goldfinger') from Cloud's, which should yield similar results. But Paramount offered me a blooming sized Golddollar at a show (except their picture with strange petals really bothered me, so I assume most of the sibblings would look like that picture as one would only show a photograph their best bloommed from the flask rationally. I'm not trying to say Paramount is bad, they are an excellent vendor, I bought a ton of plants from them at the show, and I was invited to the nursery except I won't be in Calgary anytime soon.)
Smartie, I also ordered Pedros Moon from Clouds! I WILL be at Paramounts in May and Gold Dollar was on my list of plants. I'll admit, their pic does look less than desireable but I am hoping that they simply posted the first one to bloom for them, rather than posting their best plant (if THAT is their best, the rest must be real dogs!)
My Goldollar opened quite green and then turned to a beatuiful yellow. Is that common?

I also have a Golddollar 'Candor 24 K X koloapkingii 'Chocolate Bar'. It has bloomed for me twice and it just keeps getting nicer. It lasts a very long time, and it's one of my favorite paphs.

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