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I know this is a slipper forum, but does selling an Oncidium so I can buy more slippers count? Oncidium 'Pupukea Sunset'. It is just finishing blooming for the second time in a year with 5 spikes. I has a very peculiar and strong fragrance during the morning hours. $15.00 with no extra for shipping in the US. But seriously I might take best offer. Anyone....?
I might be interested if you still have it. What do you mean by peculiar fragrance?--unpleasant?
I believe Slipperfan has it right. I would characterize the fragrance as spicy. Although there are times when I get a whiff and it smells like sweet honey. The odor, like most orchids is greatly enhanced by having the plant in warm sunlight. It certainly is pleasant to have in the living room, although I've heard many people dislike the Pupukea Sunset for its fragrance. Our own forum member Tikva was first to respond and we'll hopefully have another opinion on the fragrance on it's next bloom.
Tee hee hee....
IF I can bloom something.... I'm new to this orchid growing and excited to find growths I can take credit for as of yesterday! SO here's hoping I can now see actual spiking and blooming!!!!