Paph. Eva Weigner in bud

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Jun 9, 2006
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Glen Rock - New Jersey
I'm so excited. :D


Will post progression when it's fully opened if it don't blast. I so hope it don't blast.
Let me see if I can dredge up a photo of the last bloom on this plant....

That's not the best photo, but it was the one that showed all three buds.
Marco, I cannot wait to see how it is this time! I got this plant and my Berenice from Ross (Paphreek) and I swear, I would buy from him again in a second or less, his plants are so fabulously grown! Just GORGEOUS!
Awesome Marco :) I have one in spike too... about the same height. Wanna race ? :) :)

- Matt
Mine is this plant:


Which has a very different petal stance... I like them both :)

- Matt
gore42 said:
Mine is this plant:

Which has a very different petal stance... I like them both :)

- Matt

Matt your's looks like it took on more of the stonei stance which is great. I got your last one from this batch I believe. It really picked up the pace after I repotted it. I hope it blooms just like that one in the picture.

gore42 said:
about the same height. Wanna race ?'d be interesting to see their difference :)

Heather said:
but I tend ..... to like a wider shoulder stance

thats why you luuuuuv adductum
i was thinking about staking it but i dont know if i will. The stem looks. It's growing straight and not arching over. I'll probably stake it if it seems like it cant support the flowers.

Would any of you guys have any suggestions?
I probably wouldn't stake it now, but don't move it if you want the flowers facing the same way when they are fully open. Eva has strong stems, should be fine.

(BTW, 3 flowers :evil:)