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Jun 10, 2006
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North East Tennessee, Z6 , Sunroom, flourecent lig
The best of charlesworthii and henryannum !! Another one that took to SH,too. Heather, do you still have yours ?
That is really uncanny ... I was just looking up this cross yesterday because Ratcliffes (UK) have this on their new list ... and I WANT ONE !! ... even if it is only half as good as your's,
Thanks for posting,
It's beautiful. Anything that Gilda touches is spectacular.

Thanks Marilyn but you haven't seen my compost pile :sob: I lost a lot of paphs whilee were gone 2 weeks out West on vacation and temps got over 100 degrees in my grow room.
I am overjoyed that this one has continued to thrive !
Thanks to all for looking !!
... and temps got over 100 degrees in my grow room...
I know what you mean. I covered up my Paphs with heavy plastic one day when we were supposed to have frost that night. The plastic saved the plants from frost, but the sun came out and before I could get to the plastic to remove it, many of the plants got cooked. I'm hoping they survive, but some don't look very good. And it will be a long time before they look good again.

Lesson learned, the hard way.:(

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